thread thrift

Your community page of second hand stuff in the DIFF!! 

The idea behind my online community site will be based around recycled fashion/household belongings and everything else that you can find in a charity shop. The high street…Topshop to Primark, from just looking around myself is the same old styles a regulated fashion no matter what the price everything on the high street these days looks the same. My idea is that people don’t want the same, from experience most of my friends hate it when someone has the same things as them. However, my site will allow YOU to open up YOUR shopping style and delve deeper into the world of charity. Charity shops aren’t all about looking ‘vintage’ but you can actually create an array of styles from smart to casual and it’s cheap as chips!! (literally).

Each week or maybe more I will post up my finds, and try to remove the stigma about second hand clothes. It fun to find a gem, and what’s more barely anyone is going to have the same item as you.

My community will be based locally as there are tons of charity shops right on my door step in Cathays and other ideas in and around Wales.

I will also invite YOU to post YOUR finds to me and do guest posts when I can. Also YOU will be able to challenge me to put together looks for different occasions.

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