top five

1. Tenovus (Whitchurch Road) – http://www.tenovus.org.uk

Best points:

  • Customer Service
  • Layout
  • Range of stock
  • Tidy

EXTRA INFO: Tenovus on Whitchurch Road overall rated the best of all the above. The customer service is brilliant. We thrifted a sterling silver hand made ring for £10.00 and earrings for £1 during the christmas period and the lady behind the till gift wrapped them for free.

2. Bobath (Crwys Road) – http://www.bobathwales.org.uk

Best Points:

  • Continual change in stock
  • Varied range of sizing
  • Cheap in price
  • Good size fitting room

3. Save the Children (Albany Road) – http://www.savethechildren.org.uk

Best Points:

  • Best choice in hardware
  • Despite high prices in the some shops Save the Children remain fair
  • Best shopping environment
  • Quick and easy service

4. Barnardos (Albany Road) – http://www.barnardos.org.uk

Best Points:

  • Good for costumes/fancy dress
  • Students get 10% discount
  • Best lighting and shop fittings
  • No extra charge for designer items

5. British Heart Foundation (Albany Road) – http://www.bhf.org.uk

Best Points:

  • Best for new stock (tags on etc)
  • Best opening times
  • Good percentage of mens clothes against womens
  • Best window display

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