Ahhhhhhhh!!! Excuse my excitement but I’ve been trawling Charity Shops across the whole of South Wales to find a piece which will exceed expectations for my first post.

Due to it being my mothers birthday I had to be the best daughter I can be and visit my home town in Usk near Newport (bet your thinking WHERE?!) yeah well it is pretty small. A clock tower and a river are its claim to fame but for me it’s the St David’s Hospice charity shop. This is only charity shop in Usk and I have to say it never fails to amaze me.

I know a lot of people preconceptions of charity shops are they are just for old clothes that can be branded as VINTAGE! But, I want to get away from that and show my community here at Thrift Shop that you can find something for any occasion not just big ‘urban outfitter style’ granny cardys.

 Early this morning I found myself drawn in and there is was sitting on the rail, sparkling at me from afar, this beautiful beaded shirt dress. The dress its immaculate with no beads missing and it’s a good size!!! Not to big or too small PERFECT!  Saturday was drawing closer and I was looking for something new to wear and now I’ve found it…let me know what you think?!?!

Screen shot 2013-10-29 at 21.09.12

 DRESS: £11.00 


Please please pleaseeee open up your wardrobes to the world that is charity and I can assure you, you will find something which tops this beauty.

If you do please let me know and we can arrange a guest post!!! Next week it will be back to Cardiff and all about Cathays!!!

See you soon,

thread thrift

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